• Shen Li

    Real Estate has been at the heart of Shen’s professional life since when he was a student at University. His success in the field of CBD residential property sales has been acknowledged by both his clients and the local real estate [...]
  • Brian Pan

    Brian is extremely driven, focused on results, and you can be assured of true personal service from an eager and enthusiastic Property Sales Consultant in Real Estate. He is very passionate about Real Estate and always ensures that his [...]
  • Mark Thompson

    Mark brings a background of rich diversity and considerable success to his career in the real estate industry. A qualified and highly experienced teacher who values young people and respects the crucial part that learning plays in the [...]
  • Karin Carter

    Karin is a fully Licensed Agent, with 19 –year Real Estate experience, and an industry Trainer at Box Hill TAFE and more recently conducting on-site in house real estate traineeships and Agents Rep classes over the past 4 years. [...]
  • Nancy Sun

    Nancy has a variety of roles in different industries before she joined Real Connection Property Group, her background in copy writing, banking and migration services have all built up a solid foundation for her success in Real Estate [...]
  • Shuangying Chen

    Shuangying Chen is approachable and has a strong focus on customer service, often being described as a natural ‘people person’. Since join Real Connection Property Group in 2013, She prides herself on consistently operating in a highly [...]
  • Allen Zhang

    Started property investment and renovation at very young age, Allen has always been keen to learn all the perspectives about real estate. With a family background in building and development, also a degree from Melbourne University in [...]
  • Alisa Zhang

    With a strong background in Finance industry, Alisa has kept proving her determination to win and commitment to work and study. Having finished her bachelor study at Melbourne University with Honor, Alisa has started her journey in [...]
  • Annie Cheng

    Since young, Annie’s passion in property and development has lead her through to completing her property major with the additional knowledge from the architectural field she had built up along the way. Having 4 years experience [...]